Monday, August 27, 2012

GET LOUD ABOUT LUPUS via Shannon Boxx -

GET LOUD ABOUT LUPUS via Shannon Boxx -

Thing are looking up for those of us who have lupus. A true more than "half full perspective." Here is the good news! Please read and spread the word.

"Lupus does not share the high profile of other diseases that affect women, like breast cancer, and as a result lupus research has not been funded at a level where it can keep pace with other diseases. But the impact of lupus can be harsh. Lupus is unpredictable but typically strikes women in the prime of their lives - ages 15 to 44 years. It devastates families, careers, and even claims lives." Shannon Boxx

Opinion: Congress can help beat lupus - Shannon Boxx -

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  1. Hi Christina,
    Love the blog, and the craft store. Have added the blog link on the Lupus Links page and the craft store on the Lupus Business page of Sometimes, it is Lupus.
    If you want to help get your blog well known, one way is to join in things like PFAM - the call for submissions is here